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E-PROPS propellers for Aircraft / Ultralights: Data Sheet

✗  Hi-Tech ground adjustable pitch carbon propellers with Titanium leading edge protection
✗  The world's lightest propellers
✗  For gear-drive engines and electric motors, from 50 to 115 kW (68 to 156 hp) (perfect for Rotax engines)
✗  Available in 18 different diameters: from 120 to 205 cm
✗  Each model available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 blades
✗  Exist in both senses of rotation: CW (DURANDAL) and CCW (EXCALIBUR)
✗  Tractor and pusher configurations; different chord widths and blade profiles

✗  Very strong : 100% carbon, very high fibers ratio, RTM Manufacturing
✗  Carbon propellers with Titanium leading edge protection
✗  Certification ASTM F2506-13 and EASA (for some models), potentiel 4000 hours

✗  Made in Provence, France, since 2008
✗  E-PROPS production : 50000 blades / year
✗  Propellers sold in more than 84 countries

E-PROPS propeller for aviation


01 - Design
02 - E-PROPS range for Aircraft (LSA) / Ultralights
03 - The world's lightest propellers
04 - Blades
05 - Blade's foot
06 - Carbon Spacers
07 - Spinners
08 - Finish
09 - Nanostrength or Titanium Shielding
10 - Moment of Inertia
11 - Balancing
12 - Quality / Certification / TBO
13 - Repairs / Spare Blades
14 - Mechanical Strength / Load Tests
15 - Tightening torque
16 - Max RPM
17 - Maintenance
18 - Satisfied or Your Money Back during 6 Months
19 - Pilots Feedback
20 - Manuals


01- Design

Propellers "of 3rd generation" : efficient, ultra-light, quiet and very strong.
Made in France since 2008 : see page E-PROPS company.
The secret of their exceptional performances ?
- Extensive research of the E-PROPS design department, with many tests campaigns on wind tunnel, the development of an exceptional software called (LUKY) and many tests mechanical campaigns (example => VIDEO : E-PROPS test campaign V20 range (April 2020)
- A manufacturing process which allows a very lightweight
- Specific E-PROPS designs with high CL profiles. E-PROPS propellers design, see page DESIGN
- Propellers with high ESR effect : ground adjustable pitch propellers which behaviour is very near from the behaviour of a variable pitch propeller.

02- E-PROPS range for Aircraft (LSA) / Ultralights

At E-PROPS, our team does not propose a "universal blade" that does everything, that can be cut at will, and that is therefore not always well adapted to the mission of the aircraft ...
Each E-PROPS is designed and developed for :
- the characteristics of the motor in question and its gearbox (if applicable)
- the study of engine cooling and air flow in the engine
- a defined aircraft speed range
- the aircraft configuration: tractor, pusher, high wings, low wings, and wings/fuselage interactions
- the use of the aircraft: speed, cruise, towing, STOL... and the desired performances

E-PROPS has developed numerous blade models, with several rope widths and several profiles, in both tractive and propulsive configurations.
Each model is available in 2, 3, 4 or 5 blades, in 18 different diameters (from 120 to 205 cm).
Thousands of E-PROPS propellers equip more than 260 different models of aircraft (LSA) and ultralights, all over the world.

DURANDAL range: CW rotation sense
EXCALIBUR range: CCW rotation sense

03- The world's lightest propellers

E-PROPS are by far the lightest propellers in the world.
A few weighs, including screws and bolts :
- 3-blade tractor DURANDAL-3 dia 170 cm Titanium leading edge protection for Rotax 912S (100 hp) : 2 kg
- 2-blade tractor DURANDAL-2 dia 175 cm Titanium leading edge protectionfor Rotax 912 (80 hp) : 1.6 kg
- 5-blade pusher EXCALIBUR-5 dia 172 cm Titanium leading edge protection for Rotax 914 (115 hp) : 3.2 kg

To understand the advantages of a lightweight propeller, click here : ULTRA-LIGHT PROPELLERS

04- Blades

The E-PROPS are fully made in carbon.
Optimum use of carbon fibers braid and epoxy resin to obtain ultra-light and very strong blades.
HCF system (Helical Continuous Fibers : Fibres Continues Hélicoïdales), specifically designed by E-PROPS.
Very high fibers ratio : 63%

05- Blade's feet

Carbon fiber rolled up on a titanium ring, for an exceptional strength.
No risk of galvanic corrosion because no metal part.

06- Carbon Spacers

E-PROPS has developed an exclusive system to replace the usual aluminium spacers : THE CARBON SPACERS.
Advantages :
✗  The E-PROPS spacers are ultra-light (13 times lighter than an aluminum spacer).
✗  The "E-PROPS spacer" option is free of charge, regardless of the chosen length.
✗  E-PROPS spacers are extremely easy to install (no unnecessary screws and bolts, thus avoiding vibrations).
✗  Orders are facilitated by the interactive drawings published by E-PROPS.
More information here : CARBON SPACERS

07- Spinners

The E-PROPS spinners are in carbon, very strong and ultra-light.
The spinners of the V20 propellers range are proposed in 15 different diameters, from 210 to 380 mm.

08- Finish

Finish with shiny polish.
The carbon braid remains visible; each blade is unique.
No paint, varnish or gel-coat, because those products are very polluting.
The E-PROPS company is committed in an eco-management approach and proscribes this type of products.
In addition, paints, varnish and gel-coat do not allow to easily repair the blades in case of impact.
Only the spinners can be painted.

09- Nanostrength or Titanium Shielding

The E-PROPS V20 range are all equipped with 5/10th thick Titanium leading edge protection.
TITANE is the ideal material for blade leading edge protection thanks to its mechanical characteristics :
- the specific resistance of Titanium, which outperforms Aluminium and Steel.
- Coefficients of expansion and elasticity of Titanium close to the carbon-epoxy composite (material of the E-PROPS blades)
- Titanium's exceptional resistance to corrosion (especially in marine atmospheres)
- Titanium is twice as light as Steel or Inconel.

All other E-PROPS propellers have an internal shielding in the blades : injection at the leading edge of a special resin with Nanostrength® additive shock.
In special cases (as seaplanes), it is strongly recommended to put an extra protection on the blades leading edge, in order to reinforce it, with a polyurethane protection tape used on certified helicopter rotor blades.


10- Moment of Inertia

The E-PROPS, ultra-light, strictly respect the MOI limitations given the engines manufacturers.
Moment of inertia of each model calculated then verified on the tests bench.
See details here : MOMENT OF INERTIA

11- Balancing

The E-PROPS propellers are precisely balanced at workshop.
The team is using an electronic bench to balance the propellers, with oscilloscopes.
More information here : BALANCING

12- Quality / Certification / TBO

E-PROPS propellers are designed, manufactured and tested to meet strict aeronautical standards.
They are certified following ASTM F2506-13 (LSA) standard.

The material of our propellers, carbon braid according to HCF process (Helical Continuous Fibers) + epoxy resin, without parts in other materials, is anisotropic.
A major inspection (TBO) is recommended, but not required, after 2,000 hours. This inspection and overhaul can be performed by an E-PROPS approved workshop, following an E-PROPS procedure.
E-PROPS 3-blade tractor propellers have a TBO of 4000 hours (as the props certified by EASA under CS-22 J).
All other E-PROPS have a TBO of 2000 hours.

Quality and safety are ongoing concerns for the E-PROPS company, throughout the design, procurement, manufacturing, testing and marketing of all its products.
More information on page QUALITY

13- Repairs / Spare Blade

Small impacts can be easily repaired (epoxy resin without paint, varnish or gel-coat).
A repair kit is available in this e-shop.
See details here REPAIRS
On the V20 range, the Titanium leading edge protection can be changed if it is damaged: it is not necessary to change the whole blade.

By E-PROPS, it is also possible to change only one blade.
See explanations on the page : SPARE BLADES

14- Mechanical Strength / Tests

E-PROPS is doing many tests on all the propellers models.

Example => VIDEO : E-PROPS test campaign V20 range (April 2020)
Test campaign : E-PROPS propellers for Aircraft (LSA) & Ultralights, 2020 range. Tensile, bending and torsion tests.
Carbon parts as strong as the Rotax gearbox shaft !

15- Tightening torque

The screws tightening must be done with a torque wrench
Torque value is indicated in the Manual given with each propeller.
It is very important to follow the value of each model exactly.

16- Max RPM

The E-PROPS propellers are designed for the limitations of each engine.
The max RPM of each propeller is indicated on its Identification Sheet. In case of doubt, please consult our team.

17- Maintenance

Maintenance is simple :
- Before each flight: visual inspection of the propeller (particularly check the leading edge) and check the screws tightening.
- V20 range : every 100 hours of flight and/or every 6 months , check of the screws tightening.
- V20 range with Titanium screws : every 200 hours of flight and/or every 12 months , check of the screws tightening.
- EXCALIBUR-6 V12 model => every 25 hours of flight and/or every 3 months : check of the screws tightening.
Cleaning of a carbon propeller is made with a sponge, with some water with soap, or with a product for windows cleaning.

18- Satisfied ou Your Money Back during 6 Months

E-PROPS is the only propellers manufacturer in the world to propose a guarantee SATISFIED or YOUR MONEY BACK DURING 6 MONTHS to the customers.

19- Pilots Feedback

Our customers are our best ambassadors!

20- Manuals


E-PROPS propeller for aviation


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