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E-PROPS : Standard Spinners and Mini-Spinners

E-PROPS manufactures propellers spinners in carbon, very strong and very light. They are proposed in carbon finish, cutted, well-balanced and ready to assemble.
2 types : standard spinners and mini-spinners.



The E-PROPS spinner kit consists of a spinner, its mounting plate and all the screws.
The standard spinners have been designed for tractor propellers ranges only (DURANDAL, VORPALINE).

E-PROPS propellers spinners carbon

Spinner diameter is depending on the engine cover of the aircraft.

To define the good diameter for the spinner, please take the measure "D" : :
E-PROPS cones spinners carbon
mesure D = diamètre maximal du cône

At this day, E-PROPS spinners are available in different diameters.
If you hesitate between two sizes, take the smaller, for a better air flow on the engine cover.

E-PROPS cones spinners carbon

Assembly :
The E-Props spinners are assembled on the flange of the propeller, which allows them to be very light, because the mouting plate is a stiffener in the middle of the spinner.
They are well-adapted to all E-PROPS hubs, standard or extended.
Today, the mouting plates drilling patterns are only 6M8d101,6 or 6M8d100 (no holes in 6M8d75).
The E-PROPS standard hub is placing the spinner at -5mm to the edge of the engine cover
The propeller must be assembled and the pitch has to be adjusted before placing the spinner, or, in certain cases, the blades without the good pitch could touch the edge of the spinner.
The standard spinners are assembled on their flange with 6 screws M5 x 16. Torque = 3 N.m

=> Installation and Operating Instructions Standard Spinners

E-PROPS propellers spinners carbon

For balancing, a screw can be putted by E-PROPS on the mounting plate. Please do not remove this screw from the plate, otherwise the balancing would be not good, and vibrations could appear.
On the plate, a yellow sticker indicates : "Do not remove - balancing weight".

E-PROPS cones spinners carbon
E-PROPS standard spinners (tractor configuration only)

Finish :
The E-PROPS spinners are carbon finish, shiny polished, without paint, varnish or gel-coat, because those products are very polluting.
The E-PROPS company is committed in an eco-management approach and proscribes this type of products.
You can paint the spinner if you want. All you have to do is to sand the surface, very lightly (600 grain sandpaper). The recommended paint is a bi-component polyurethane. A well sanded primer is necessary for a beautiful finish. Be careful to the balancing.


E-PROPS has developed a full carbon mini-spinner, which is adapted to tractor and pusher propellers ranges (DURANDAL, VORPALINE, EXCALIBUR) :
- diameter : 130 mm
- lenght : 85 mm
- weight : 40 gr (70 gr with central screw)
- carbon finish, shiny polish (paint is possible, see § 1)

E-PROPS propellers mini-spinners carbon

Assembly :
– On the central screw of the hub : put the hexagonal long screw with its Nord-Lock washer (replace the normal screw)
- Tighten this long screw at the same torque as the screws (please verify the torque on the Instruction Manual)
– Put the Mini-Spinner on the hub
– Put the Nylon screw with its seal in the long screw through the Mini-Spinner
– Tighten the Nylon screw at 1,5 to 2 N.m with a 6 mm Allen key

=> Installation and Operating Instructions Mini-Spinners

E-PROPS mini spinners propellers carbon

E-PROPS cones spinners carbon
mini-spinner : a simple, ultra-light and smart solution for all aircraft

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