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E-PROPS : Certification, ASTM F2506-13, Quality Charter, Service Bulletins

The E-Props propellers are designed, manufactured and tested to meet the requirements of the aeronautical standards.
Quality and safety are ongoing concerns for the E-PROPS company, throughout the design, procurement, manufacturing, testing and marketing of all its products.

eprops quality system
1- ASTM F2506-13 (LSA)

1- ASTM F2506-13 (LSA)

E-PROPS meets the ASTM F2506-13 standards, for the Light Sport Aircraft.

The ASTM F2506-13 specification covers the establishment of the minimum requirements for the design, testing, and quality assurance of fixed-pitch or ground adjustable propellers for light sport aircraft. The propeller may not have design features that have been shown to be hazardous or unreliable unless the suitability of each questionable design detail or part can be established by tests. Strength testing, stress measurement, fatigue strength, and fatigue analysis, endurance testing, and teardown inspection shall be performed to meet the requirements prescribed.

eprops ASTM F2506-13
ASTM F2506-13 Compliance Summary

The certification of an aeronautical equipment is a process which allows to make sure of the reproducibility and the follow-up quality of this product, from the design phase through the use on a plane. It is an excellent principle in aeronautics, domain where an error or a negligence could have dramatic consequences. Except ultralights or homebuilt aircraft, the other aircraft are certified and must follow strict standards.

The propellers which equip the certified planes must themselves be certified. Today, the obtaining of an aeronautical certification is a complex, long and expensive process. It is not only a question of certifying the production of the manufacturer, but also its method of design of products, assembly line then product itself, and finally adaptation of the product to a defined aircraft.

The process of certification contains several phases and lasts several years. After the certification and the start of a product, the certification agency assures throughout the useful life of the product its responsibility of the surveillance of the initial airworthiness. Besides, a certified product can undergo repairs and modifications, themselves that must be in accordance with the regulations of airworthiness and approved by the competent authority.


Quality and security are ongoing concerns for E-PROPS all along of design, purchases, fabrication, tests and marketing of its products.
E-PROPS has established a Quality Charter (a Quality Charter is a short text that summarizes the quality commitments made by the company).

eprops quality charter
E-PROPS Quality Charter - 2020


The Service Bulletins are published by the manufacturers of aeronautical products. They are established to prevent the users of a technical problem, a novelty or an improvement of an aeronautical product, as well as to transmit a technical information concerning the use of an aeronautical product.

E-PROPS has chosen the complete transparency towards the users of its products.

The improvements, modifications and changes brought to its products further to tests, feedbacks and possible problems met by the users are detailed in Service Bulletins written by the company. It is not an obligation, but a security approach in the sector of the leisure aviation.

Some manufacturers of aeronautical products made for ultralight aircraft (not certified) do not bother writing such Service Bulletins. Unlike those companies, E-PROPS has chosen to be transparent and publishes here its Service Bulletins. The E-PROPS teams recommends to the users to chose suppliers who present their Service Bulletins to prevent their customers.

Incomplete review of all information in this document can cause errors. Please read the entire Service Bulletins to make sure you have a complete understanding of the requirements.

The Service Bulletins issued by the E-PROPS company are available hereafter :

PLEASE NOTE => this recommendation applies to E-PROPS for UL-POWER 260i engine ONLY

Date : 4th of July, 2016
Propellers concerned : E-Props propellers ground adjustable pitch VORPALINE-S model for aircraft and ultralights fitted on direct drive engine UL-Power 260i
Service Bulletin issued after a bad assembly by an user
Subject : Tightening of the screws which hold the propeller on the engine's flange : with titanium rods
Required action : Replacement of the screws which hold the propeller on the engine's flange with titanium rods provided by the E-PROPS manufacturer
Please note : at this day, all users who have a propeller for this type of engine have received a kit of titanium rods with the manual and have personaly been informed
Classification : IMPERATIVE

Complete document (in French) : HEP-BS-16-001F.pdf


PLEASE NOTE => this recommendation only applies to E-PROPS EXCALIBUR-6 model with Rotax serie 9 on gyrocopters.

Date : 11th of January, 2020
Propellers concerned : E-Props propellers ground adjustable pitch EXCALIBUR-6 model for gyros on Rotax serie 9 (with reducer).
Service Bulletin issued after an Information Bulletin sent by DGAC : BI-01-2020.pdf

Subject : Reminder of assembly, tightening and verification instructions of hub screws on EXCALIBUR-6 propellers
Presentation of a method for checking possible ploughing effect.
Required action :
- check of assembly, tightening and verification of hub screws on EXCALIBUR-6 propellers
- check possible ploughing effect
- if ploughing effect, then E-PROPS will provide new screws (for free).
Classification : IMPERATIVE

Complete document (in English) : HEP-BS-20-001A.pdf

PLEASE NOTE => this recommendation only applies to E-PROPS EXCALIBUR-6 model with Rotax serie 9 on gyrocopters.

Date : 21 janvier 2020
Hélices concernées : E-PROPS à pas réglable au sol modèle EXCALIBUR-6 pour autogires montées sur moteurs Rotax série 9 (avec réducteur).
Suite au Bulletin d'Information ref BI 2020-ULM-01 publié par la DGAC le 10-01-2020 et au Bulletin Service E-PROPS ref HEP-BS-20-001F publié le 11-01-2020, plusieurs propriétaires d'autogires équipés d'hélices EXCALIBUR-6 se sont mis en contact avec la société E-PROPS. Ils ont envoyé des éléments techniques sur leurs montages, ainsi que des photos.
Les investigations menées par le Bureau d'Etudes E-PROPS ont fait apparaître plusieurs non-conformités IMPORTANTES et DANGEREUSES dans des montages d'hélices E-PROPS 6-pales propulsives modèle EXCALIBUR-6 sur autogires.
Actions correctives :
E-PROPS recommande à tous les utilisateurs d'hélices E-PROPS 6-pales propulsives EXCALIBUR-6 montées sur autogires de vérifier très soigneusement le système de fixation de leur hélice à l'aide des informations communiquées dans le présent document et dans le Manuel de Montage et d'Entretien des hélices E-PROPS.
Si les vis, les espaceurs, le montage ou le serrage ne semblent pas conformes, ne volez pas avec votre autogire et contactez immédiatement E-PROPS.
Classement : IMPERATIF

Document complet (in French): HEP-BS-20-002F.pdf

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