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Today, thousands of E-PROPS equip more than 260 different types of aircraft (airplanes, ultralights, gyrocopters, delta trikes).
The E-PROPS company is directly working with 40 major aircraft manufacturers.

E-PROPS : the best propellers for all aircraft !

E-Props users' feedback about the company, its after-sales service, its commercial conditions, etc.:

E-Prop. An exceptional company with an amazing growth and a wise strategy. Beyond the excellent propellers, it is a reflection on all the aspects of a company which is finely analyzed and implemented by its leaders. An example to follow.
M.L. (2022-10-27)

Installation of the propeller done without any problem.
Thank you again for your commercial policy and your reactivity.
Even without a large volume, working with you is very satisfying for a professional.
J.L. (2022-09-30)

Having received my propeller this morning, I wanted to thank you and the whole team for the seriousness of the company.
It's a pleasure to see that despite the road traveled since the creation and the notoriety of the brand, you take the time to treat each customer small or large like this.
From the request for advice, to the respect of the deadline and to the small arrangement for taxes, nothing to say, you are at the top.
The French is a big grouch but you have to know when it's good.
Thank you for everything while waiting for the test which I am sure will be a success.
C.L. (2022-09-27)

Customers we drop shipped propellers to have already emailed stating that they were so impressed with the quality of the props.
You guys have definitely stepped up the fit and finish over the last few years with the machining of the hubs, of course the leading edges and the carbon weave being much straighter and more perfectly aligned.
Larry Mednick - Evolution Trikes (2022-06-25)

I love your dedication for your E-props-baby :)
S.O.N. (2022-05-22)

Great booth in Friedrichshafen and thanks for the welcome and the goodies and chocolates. Come back next year!
J-P.R. (2022-05-04)

Thank you for your welcome on your stand at AERO. Nice and welcoming team. Beautiful products. Thank you for everything you do for us the pilots.
M.P. (2022-05-04)

Very happy to have seen you again at the aero 2022 show. What a great progression! Now you have beautiful and efficient propellers with metallic leading edge protection. I'm bluffed by the latest Glorieuse with variable pitch. Congratulations and good luck to E-prop!
L.Q. (2022-05-04)

Congratulations Jérémie for this propeller Glorieuse which will be a huge success.
F.G. (2022-01-30)

I am delighted to see your amazing progress. Your new workshop is going to be beautiful. Your accomplishments are impressive and so fast.
M.C. (2021-12-07)

I really enjoyed my stay with you for the assembly and adjustment of my eprop propeller. Your team is pleasant and competent. Thank you for everything.
L.D. (2021-11-14)

Congratulations to your team, you are doing a great job, and in such a friendly atmosphere. I envy you. If I were 30 years younger, I would apply! :-)
A.S-D. (2021-10-27)

Website : very complete, explicit, easy to use
Quality of the reception: excellent
Quality of the products : incomparably better than the others (and believe me, I tested some propellers in my long life)
Follow-up of orders and customer information : perfect
Shipping : on time, well packed
Goodies : present and nice
An exceptional company where each customer is welcomed, listened to, advised and accompanied. In the technical field, this is so rare...
Bravo Eprop, continue like that and you will go very far.
R.L. (2021-09-09)

Impressive model of your new facility! I congratulate you for your incredible progress and your commitment to light aviation. Who would have believed it when I came to see you in your garage in St Pierre d'Argençon? And that was only 10 years ago! Keep it up! Best regards.
M.R. (2021-07-09)

I am a manager myself, and I wanted to congratulate you on your exceptional service, availability - even on weekends! - and competence. Your guarantees give confidence. Keep up the good work!
Sincerely yours.
L.S. (2021-06-22)

I read the article on propellers in Vol Moteur (*), and I must say that your answer - and the incredible lack of reaction from the magazine - almost convinced me to buy your product.
(*) a French magazine which had organized in January 2021 false comparative tests to harm the E-Props propellers. A right of reply was published on Youtube.
M.L. (2021-06-15)

Many thanks for the nicely packaged and beautiful prop and spinner which arrived safely, yesterday.
I am impressed with the efficient way with which you have dealt with any queries and the speed of delivery.
G.S. (2021-06-04)

You can read anything and everything on the Internet. So I did my own price comparison between E-Props and Duc.
Because you have to compare comparable things.
So I took the prices of a 3-blade Swirl-3 and a 3-blade Durandal-3, both for Rotax 100 hp engines, both adjustable on the ground, both on 101.6 hubs, both from the manufacturers websites.
Both with a 250 diameter spinner and a 50 mm spacer: an average of what is proposed by the 2 manufacturers. The prices are without taxes.
Without accessories.
Duc = 2116€.
E-Props = 1830€.
So the Duc is 286€ more expensive than the E-Props.
Here are the real numbers.
T.F. (2021-05-17)

E-Props is a serious company that favours its customers, one can only remain loyal.
B.K. (2021-04-14)

I have been in this business for more than 30 years, and I can see, on the phone and elsewhere, that your propellers make everyone agree!
So congratulations for these great results, good static thrust, good climbing performance and constant speed effect, if we add the light weight of your excellent light extensions, your success is assured!
C.K. (2021-03-27)

E Prop... real professionals and top level equipment.
J-L.D. (2021-03-11)

Thank you very much for your flexibility and support!
Excellent service!
Thanks again and I will definitely recommend your products and services to others.
R.J. (2021-02-14)

E-props are the best in propeller in the world.
Since I put an eprops on my engine I swear by it, and all my students and customers have the same opinion, to try it is to adopt it.
Congratulations to you and cock-a-doodle Doo!
M.S. (2021-02-13)

Eprop; it's not heavy, it's not expensive, it works, so it can make you jealous...
A.B. (2021-02-13)

I did a lot of propeller tests on all types of Corvus, FK12, FK9, FK14 and other various ultralights. And I must admit that the test results have always been favorable to this brand.
S.P. (2021-02-12)

The e-props propellers are top of the range... nothing to say. It works perfectly. Congratulations on the quality.
M.U. (2021-02-12)

I see that all the friends who have put Eprop on their machine are delighted. I believe that in 40 years of amateur construction, this is the first product that is unanimously in its favor.
Congratulations to Anne Lavrand and her whole team, you're making things happen and we really need people like you .... As my dear Grandfather used to say ... Let them bray !!!
D.M. (2021-02-11)

I understand that this success story may annoy some people, but E-Props users are unanimous.
Keep moving forward...
C.G. (2021-02-11)

The quality of the products as well as the after-sales service can be seen and heard on the edge of the airfields, and pilots who have tasted it do not go back to the past, whatever the type of machine they are flying on...
Quality products, quality after-sales service, and commercial and technical teams listening to pilots.
Thank you E-props
P.C. (2021-02-10)

Thank you for your seriousness and the service that your company renders to the common man. I do not forget your precious advice to adjust the pitch of a propeller made by a competitor.
One can be a merchant with a certain deontology and ethics. This is precisely what you demonstrate on a daily basis to all the pilots who solicit you. Thank you again for everything.
A.M. (2021-02-06)

EProps makes by far the best propellers.
J.M. (2021-02-04)

I like your products. Duc, well, I leave them to the ignorant.
M.J. (2021-02-04)

The quality of E-props propellers, the performance they achieve, and the innovative research they are the result of, must disturb many.
C.D. (2021-02-04)

These good performances do not surprise me: all feedback from E-Prop users is unanimous.
P.R. (2021-01-30)

Anne, your story is a perfect illustration of entrepreneurship in all its noblest aspects: original idea, passion, risk-taking, conviction, personal investment, humility and humanity... Congratulations again for the road travelled. And above all, be proud of yourself (not too much, just the right amount)!
N.G. (2021-01-16)

A real success without any doubt given the constant intellectual and technical swarming to constantly innovate! Quite remarkable.
L.K. (2021-01-15)

Opinion of a user of E-Props and Fixed Pitch Duc. Both very good propellers but I prefer the smoothness of the E-Props.
Note: I have about 2500 flying hours on E Props and about 1000 flying hours on Duc.
C.A. (2021-01-06)

Service, kindness, passion, and very beautiful and good products. I vote EPROPS!
K.C. (2021-01-05)

A fascinating visit of your workshops and a presentation of your products and projects that I loved. What a team of passionate people you make! And with what simplicity! It seems that everything is easy: creating machines, propellers, engines, airplanes... Thank you for your time and keep up the good work. I would have liked to work in such a company.
Martin P. (2020-12-27)

Thank you for your correction. I could not keep your propeller because I realized that it was not approved on my aircraft in my country. Yet it was fine. I am very happy with the Satisfaction or your money back guarantee and I confirm that EProps does not ask for a reason.
R.K. (2020-12-27)

I've spent my entire career in composites materials and I'm amazed by the quality of the carbon parts that make up the eprops. Wonderful.
J-L.D. (2020-12-07)

Unfortunately, I am well aware of the galvanic corrosion problems generated by the contact between metal parts and carbon-epoxy, having problems with one of your competitors. Therefore I did not want to test your propellers. But I had the opportunity to see one of them up close, and I could see that you have solved this problem: no metal parts in contact with carbon-epoxy. Your propellers are remarkably designed and manufactured and, after testing, are remarkably efficient in terms of performance. I predict a very great success and I warmly congratulate you.
T.G. (2020-11-21)

Research, testing, innovative materials and advanced manufacturing process = truly Hi-Tech propellers, bravo E-Props! Thanks again for the visit and the welcome.
L.F. (2020-11-15)

I would like to thank you for listening to your customers and for the quality of your after-sales service.
R.R. (2020-10-22)

Thank you for the visit. We enjoyed discovering your motivated team with many exciting projects.
L&A.R. (2020-10-21)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
100 000 !
Even if there were only 3-blades it would still make 33.000 propellers (Plus some blades for the replacement). Waouhhh, that's not nothing.
P. (from French Ultralights forum) (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
A great French success story.
R.T. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
All my encouragements to continue the production of the propellers we need on our aircraft.
A satisfied user
B. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
An exceptional progression! I knew you in your early days when you were starting out in Sisteron. I am happy for you.
J-M.J. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
And these are only the first 100,000!
C.H. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Anyone can do it, all you have to do is make the right products.
Courage for the million.
C. (from French Ultralights forum) (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Congratulations from a customer who was absolutely delighted with his purchase.
A. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Congratulations, but I still don't understand how you can get 45,000 units out per year, the numbers make you dizzy. RESPECT
P.B. (from Facebook) (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Excellent, what a rhythmic production. Bravo and long live all the following
X-F. D. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
I order dozens of them a year for my paramotor school and for my classic ultralights: irreproachable quality, feather-light propellers, the best thrust you can get (between 6 and 7% better than the competitors), and customer support always at the top. Thank you Eprops what would we do without you?
T.F. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Impressive! I remember that Arplast (an old French brand) has produced 70,000 composite blades in 30 years (the famous red ones!). That says a lot about E-prop's capabilities and ambitions. I have owned an E-prop since 2015, I am very satisfied with it and the commercial support. Long live E-Prop!
J-P.H. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
In the face of the detractors of this courageous team! Congratulations and thank you for your high quality propellers.
D.F. (2020-10-20)

10 .000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Light and well-designed products and concern for the environment (have you seen these solar panels?). You've got it all figured out.
M.V. (from Facebook) (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
More, more, more! In paramotor, we consume! and we want eprop!
K.M. (from Facebook) (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
My favorite propellers! When will we have the variable pitch model?
F.G. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
one hundred thousand bravos for the performance; especially since it's not usurped if you look at the returns... people are thrilled with their investment.
M.H. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Passion and inventiveness rewarded! Congratulations Jérémie and your team!
Laurent M. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Performance, responsiveness, after-sales service .... AT THE TOP, not surprised by the success.
S. (from ultralights forum) (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
Quite the accomplishment, congratulations to the whole team.
R.H. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
This is an example of a well-managed company with competent staff and top production.
Congratulations to the whole team. Thank you for sharing your joy in these gloomy times!
C. (from French Ultralights forum) (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
When I visited the workshops last year, I understood that this team would go far: they build their own robots for production! An example that should be followed by those who protest that industries are relocating to South East Asia. Bravo and good luck.
S.P. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
When you have had a customer experience at EPROPS, you understand the reasons for this success. Congratulations guys.
O.B. (2020-10-20)

100 000 BLADES - OCT 2020
With good products, you can only be successful.
G.L. (from Facebook) (2020-10-20)

It's a pleasure to work with a French company that demonstrates great speed and a very high level of production and quality service.
Thank you very much.
B.P (2020-10-17)

HAUTECLAIRE (Rotax 503 engine)
Test flight this morning of the amphibious 'Aventura I' with the new propeller, and after adjustments, I went from 20° to 15.9° of shimming for a full throttle level with the 503 bi-bus and 6400t 'B' reducer.
All performances are much better, especially takeoff and climb, compared to the old Ivoprop propeller!
So thank you again for your quick delivery and the quality of your equipment and services.
A.R. (2020-10-15)

On my Gyro AIR COMMAND 912S, I made some tests last Saturday afternoon, at the recommended pitch... I would have only one word: REMARKABLE!
I have the impression to have 'put' horses in addition. And in fact, it doesn't matter the horses or ponies under the hood...the most important thing is the quality of the propeller set up for the good operation of the engine. And there you are very good, THANK YOU!
I continue the tests, and will go from 20.7 degrees to 21.3, in order to get closer to 5800 rpm at takeoff power max.
Surprisingly, while I hadn't informed my wife about the propeller change, she asked me why, after flight, the gyro didn't make the same noise as makes less noise...she told me. Thank you very much for that too!
O.F. (2020-10-05)

I don't know of any pilots disappointed with E-props. I have had one for 200 hours with great satisfaction and the after-sales service is top.
S.(from Ultralights forum) (2020-09-08)

At the club, visiting pilots often ask us: 'What do you think of your E-Props propellers ?'. Answer: 'Well, if you try, you can do as we do: put your old propeller as a decoration at the bottom of the hangar'.
C.D. (2020-09-04)

For having spent many hours behind, the E-prop 3-blades for 912 are bluffing (with or without titanium leading edge protection)!
J.D. (2020-08-10)

Bravo for your intellectual rigor, your technical ingenuity and your explanations (on Youtube) both pedagogical and practical, I just regret not having an aircraft to put an E-Props on!
T.A. (2020-08-07)

Thank you for the visit of your workshops, also during your holidays: a very interesting moment of sharing!
We were impressed by your high-tech CN machines to manufacture the propellers.
What passion and conviction we feel in your speech!
We wish you all the best. Congratulations to the whole team.
Mickaël and Hanna (2020-08-07)

We have tested your propeller and we are very happy with it. This Titanium leading edge protection is amazing.
B.D. (2020-07-21)

For me and my friends abroad (Madagascar), it's super important to have equipment without a calendar bump. Because sending from here is administratively very complicated.
E.S. (2020-07-10)

Thin blades that are undeniably more efficient on cruise than the direct competition (less induced drag), no wonder, but the efficiency with the right pitch and diameter of these same blades surpasses all other brands of propellers. This is called a good shot in the anthill of good dad's propeller ideas.
Claude D. (2020-07-08)

I used to be DUC... but that was before! The quality, the performances of EPROPS and the irreproachable after-sales service have seduced me little by little and now I am EPROPS!
Jérôme D. (pro) (2020-07-07)

Today, visit of the E-Props company : a know-how and production quality beyond reproach.
All blades and hubs are traced by RFID, an innovative R&D and design department, an excellent welcome by the boss Anne Lavrand, who has reason to be proud of her teams and products.
Congratulations for this ultra-reactive and agile nugget which is progressing and is slowly but surely positioning itself on a market in need of novelties and innovations.
D.L. (2020-06-22)

I am convinced with many others of the superiority of E Prop's propellers. Anyway, word of mouth is the best publicity.
A.M. (2020-06-21)

We are very happy with your company. I hope have a long time of business between our companies.
A.V. (2020-06-19)

Carbon fiber and titanium... Can new toys come any cooler?
L.F. (2020-06-16)

Thank you so much. Your customer service is top knotch and the best. There's a reason I choose your props you take care of your customers like no one else.
Thank you so much.
C.S. (2020-06-12)

Your website is simply exceptional. Everything is there: propellers classified by ULM, technical information, comparisons... Just one remark: some airplanes are still missing, the Piel for example. But certainly they will be there soon.
G.D. (2020-06-04)

Exceptional customer service. Even during containment you remain available and responsive. Top of the line.
J-F.L. (2020-04-20)

As I've said before, I think the E-prop adventure is fantastic because rather than the easy way out, you've chosen the path of merit.
By not hesitating to challenge some established rules and some references, even if it meant being criticized and robbed of green wood, you have just achieved what most people thought was impossible.
I therefore salute your open-mindedness, exacting standards, independence, creativity and high technicality: qualities that are sorely lacking today in many organizations that have succumbed to the sirens of superficiality.
M.B. (2020-02-20)

From now on, we wish to work exclusively with your company, because your propellers give us full satisfaction on all points. Thank you for your outstanding work and your very pleasant commercial contact.
L.M. (2020-01-27)

Perfect after-sales service. I lost some spinners screws in my hangar. I called eprops and the next day I had a complete set of screws in my mailbox, with a small gift as a bonus. All for free. When things are going well, you have to say it.
D.T. (2019-12-12)

thanks a lot for your help, your service is outstanding! I have no other words on how you are reactive with customers.
I'm sure with your great products and with this service, you will reach great success, this is the only way.
Thanks a lot again and again
S.B. (2019-12-10)

I have decided to buy your 3-blade thanks to the Satisfaction / Your Money Back guarantee that you offer during 6 months.
I didn't take any risks and if the propeller didn't suit me I would have lost only a little time.
In the end I like it and I keep it.
P.P. (2019-11-27)

A TBO of 2000 hours is an essential advantage for a flying school, compared to competing propellers. Then when you send the propeller back to eprops for overhaul after 2000 hours, it only takes a few days! The TOP.
E.S. (2019-11-24)

We are working with your company for 7 years now, always with great pleasure.
Your products and service are just perfect.
S.C & J.M. (2019-11-12)

I appreciated the visit of your workshops but I am not completely happy. I would have liked to see in detail how you make composite parts, but the person who showed me the workshops told me it was confidential. That's a shame. You should have a more complete tour because everyone wants to know how it's made.
J-D.F. (2019-10-22)

Hello team. We came to see you 4 years ago: so many changes! E-props is now an industrial company, with mass production (impressive the Rfid system and the chips in the blades) and CNC machines. No more craftsmanship. Congratulations and thanks again for the visit.
M.D. & J-M.L. (2019-10-02)

Dear Anne, I would like to thank you very much for the visit yesterday.
Your company is just AMAZING ! I appreciate your way of working and your company values.
You are a great person with a great team. I wish you all the best.
R.L. (2019-07-17)

Dear E Props Team,
I received my propeller today and I just wanted to say "THANK YOU". The service you provide is brilliant with super fast delivery.
Thank you again and keep up the good work.
K.G. (2019-07-08)

Parcel well received Saturday morning. Thanks again for everything, transferred to the club yesterday morning.
Your behavior towards your customers is exemplary. We'll be sure to relay it.
E.C. (2019-07-02)

Jeremy, thank you for the visit and all the explanations about your business. What impresses me the most: you develop your own automated production machines! It's truly exceptional. It takes a lot of courage to start up like that. I'm glad to see that the success is there and well there. That's great!
M.R. (2019-05-14)

The FRENCH quality in aeronautics is still something ! Bravo EPROPS you will go far !
J-M.B. (2019-04-23)

I couldn't imagine that changing the propeller would change the plane so much. Thank you Eprop for offering the Satisfaction or your money back guarantee because it allows you to try without taking any risks. Eprop is a company at the top and very attentive to its customers' needs, even after delivery.
Martin R. (2019-04-07)

I thought you must be sure of your propellers to dare to offer this money back guarantee or else crazy. It was still tempting, so I gave it a try. I'm very happy to have done it because I gained 15 km/h in cruise and at the same time I take off better. That's just great.
G.P. (2019-02-07)

Thank you for your work that advances light aviation. Before your arrival, the propellers were only copies of wooden models, whereas the new composite materials allowed different profiles. Congratulations to Jérémie for having dared to do something else, successfully. You will go far, that's for sure.
F.R. (2018-10-12)

MTBO 2000h: practical when you have a flying school. Your competitors should be inspired by it. Thank you for thinking about maintenance as it is essential for schools.
E.M. (2018-09-15)

An exceptional after-sales service!
I had broken my propeller on another field, my fault.
The guys from the E-Props team took care of my problem in an emergency, keeping me informed hour by hour and at the end by offering me the shipping costs! They even changed the screws for free! 3 days later I could fly again.
This is rare in the ultralights world so I emphasize it. Bravo !
J.B. (2018-07-05)

I enjoyed the visit of your propeller workshops. I am impressed, and so is my friend, because you make your own machines for production. It takes knowledge to do that. We are in awe.
D.C. (2018-06-12)

An exceptional team of gifted, hard-working and tenacious people who do not let obstacles get in the way. France and the ultralight industry could use more true enthusiasts like them, who don't count their time or energy. Bravo to the team, congratulations for all their achievements. I follow you since the first flights of the Souricette, and I am always in admiration!
J-L.B. (2017-07-08)

Satisfied or your money back for 6 months.
If the propeller doesn't suit you, you return it and they will refund you, that's all.
I know the team a little bit, they are very available and very professional. I have a friend who had a problem with his propeller, he had lost a cone screw that hit the leading edge of a blade, big damage, free repair, fast and invisible.
S.G. (2017-02-14)

This 6-month Money Back Guarantee is an excellent initiative. It gives confidence in your products.
E.T. (2016-01-23)

Without this satisfaction or your money back clause, I think I wouldn't have bought Eprops because it's an investment. But they're great, they make you feel comfortable and you feel like you're a part of this team. I'm satisfied no need to refund!
S.R. (2015-08-27)

Congratulations to this determined and sympathetic team. I stopped by with a friend one Sunday morning in Sisteron: the 3 people in charge were at work to finish an urgent order. With good mood and passion they presented us their carbon propellers and their company. We were very impressed by the test benches and also by the beautiful workshops. It's encouraging: there are still dynamic high-tech companies in France.
J. (comment on the Aerobuzz website) (2015-04-20)

excellent propellers! I have one on my VL3, and a friend on a MCR. They changed our flights. To be recommended to all those who are looking for performance!
M. (comment on the Aerobuzz website) (2015-04-17)

even if I was not completely satisfied with this propeller that I returned under warranty, there was no problem to go > 5500 rpm, it just takes a bit of patience and rigour
The company is very correct, it should be pointed out concerning the recovery of a propeller.
H.X. (2015-01-18)

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