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AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 912 gear ratio 2.27
AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 912 gear ratio 2.27
AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 912S gear ratio 2.43
AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 912S gear ratio 2.43
AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 914 gear ratio 2.43
AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 914 gear ratio 2.43
AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 915iS gear ratio 2.54
AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT Rotax 915iS gear ratio 2.54

For many years, MTO Sport has embodied this feeling of limitless freedom and incomparable fun. It perfectly combines design, comfort and functionality while maintaining its extraordinary individuality and outstanding flying characteristics.
Many flight schools use this gyrocopter with E-Props propellers for the best possible performance.

E-Props Users Feedback on the MTO SPORT :

I really appreciate my new propeller for my MTO Sport.
One notable advantage that sets E-Props apart is the focus on noise reduction. As a pilot who values a quiet and comfortable flying experience, I have noticed a significant decrease in noise levels compared to other propellers I have used in the past (Autogyro model, Duc prop, Kiev Prop). This is particularly beneficial during long flights, as it reduces fatigue and enhances the overall enjoyment of the journey.
A.K. (2023-06-07)

Hi anne I have installed the propeller and tried it really it's amazing and wonderful my gyro has completely changed I was suffering from the weight of the plane and now I no longer feel its weight the noise has decreased a lot and it has become soft and there is no vibration and the power has increased dramatically and the fuel consumption has decreased a lot I was previously 5000 RPM to go up Now 4200 RPM I am very happy and I like my gyro more.
A.A. (2023-03-15)

Your four-blade is the ideal propeller for the MTO Sport. It is excellent in every respect. Safety is assured. Less vibrations.
D.H. (2023-01-06)

On my AUTOGYRO MTO SPORT, this E-PROPS EXCALIBUR-4 is a really exceptional four-blade propeller.
I had a DUC FLASH-2 before, poor, mediocre, which gave nothing in terms of performance especially in hot weather.
Now well equipped, with a well adjusted pitch (thanks to the technical service of E-PROPS), a balance to the small onions, I am really very satisfied and I promote it everywhere.
H.F. (2022-10-31)

I don't recognize my gyro anymore ! This propeller is pushing hard. It's great. Thanks e-props !
J.D. (2022-10-11)

Much better cooling and strong thrust even in high temperatures.
The best choice for a MTO 914 to make discovery flights.
Y.M. (2022-08-27)

The pilots are very Happy about their propellers . It made their flying very different and confident.
The noticed Less noise, bettar fuel consumption and an extra thrust with less RPM .
i fly my gyrocopter alot and if you look to my country map it is big country and a have flown around my country alot . Last December i flown 7 continues hours from the middle of country to far north .
A.A. (2022-05-21)

With this propeller, I get 150 km/h at 4600 rpm, with low fuel consumption and no vibrations. Perfect engine cooling.
D.O. (2022-04-12)

After having tested several propellers on my MTO, I definitively adopt the Eprop four-blade. Impeccable on all points. An unequalled comfort of piloting, because a great reactivity.
L.D.B. (2021-12-12)

I was curious how much thrust is available on the MTO.
So we took a scale and measured the thrust: both engines Rotax 914, both props optimized to the engine (100% throttle roughly 5500rpm, 115% 5800 , with variations due to wind, rpm-meter, etc.).
One MTO with a HTC propeller, one MTO with E-Props Excalibur 6.
Here the results:
idle throttle:25 kg
100% throttle: 170kg
115% throttle: 203kg
Excalibur-6 :
idle throttle:30 kg
100% throttle: 205kg
115% throttle: 235kg
The method was not precise in absolute numbers but shows that 15% gain in thrust is reasonable.
A.T. (2021-04-08)

The nice weather of the last few days allowed me to assemble, adjust and try a new 4-blade E-props propeller model V20.
Relationship with the supplier at the top
Easy assembly and adjustment.
Good performance
at 4400 rpm, I'm flying at 140 km/h and the fuel consumption hasn't increased.
I sold my old 6-blade Excalibur propeller to a colleague who is also delighted with the acquisition.
Moreover E-props provided us with a document to write the major modification declaration for both propellers.
Thank you E-props and bravo for your products.
P.L. (2021-02-21)

The 4-blade Carbon-Titanium is the best compromise for our use with our 2010 MTO. Strong thrust, great reactivity, no vibrations and above all very quiet. For our school it is the right choice.
J.K. (2020-12-06)

Then there you have the perfect product: solid, silent, smooth, vibration-free, and high performance (what a thrust!). Bravo and thank you, it's exactly what I've been looking for for years for my gyro.
J.K. (2020-11-07)

I mounted the 5-blade propeller of the V20 range, diameter 172 cm, on my MTO, and I am very satisfied with it. It is reactive, flexible, powerful and relatively quiet (a propeller always makes noise). I find it very aesthetic especially with the spinner. I've already flown 20 hours and I'm still very happy. Thank you for your quality products.
K.F. (2020-10-07)

Very impressed by the 5 blade excalibur on my mto. Same performance as the old 6 blade with less noise. I'm looking forward to the titanium protection. Mounting is easier even if there are more screws. It rocks, congrats e-props!

What a difference to other propellers ! In my case I saved 6kg of rotating mass compared to the previous one. The effect is quite remarkable.
A.T. (2020-06-22)

This 6-blade is amazing on my MTO. Excellent performance, the best I ever had.
Regarding the sound: the best compliment we received was: it sounds like a real plane ;-)
A.T. (2019-05-19)

I just wanted to inform you that I finally installed my propeller at the very beginning of October 2018. I've made several flights since then and I'm very satisfied.
In addition to a higher thrust compared to my previous propeller, which is an advantage given my short take-off runway, my fuel consumption has also decreased slightly. I think that the local residents are also satisfied with the lower noise level compared to before. All in all I am very happy with my purchase and recommend your product.
Y.N. (2019-01-17)

The flying was thrilling: the climb rate was terrific. I actualy I had to be cautious not to enter airspace C.
The 15% boost power of the 914 is now for reserve only.
Thanks alot for your help and support.
A.T. (2017-08-30)

Propeller mounted and tested! Pitch set at 18° as recommended on the identification sheet.
First impressions :
- much lower rpm at start up (1400 rpm) and without vibrations !
- more pleasant noise and lower decibel level
- higher take-off thrust at lower maximum rpm (5300 rpm) and impressive climb rate (vario at 5 m/s)
- reduction to 4800 rpm at 500 feet and levelling.
- full throttle and rev counter goes up to 5600 rpm! A little too much... pitch adjustment ?
- at 4500 rpm, the landing is maintained without touching the throttle.
I'm going to do a few hours of flight with this setting and I'll try a pitch setting at 18°6 for comparison.
Anyway, very impressed by the changes generated by the performance of this propeller!
A little marvel.
E.P. (2017-08-05)

For the gyroplane it's party time this weekend, after a decoration yesterday, today it has been equipped with a new 6-blade E-Props Excalibur propeller marketed by HELICES E-PROPS.
On the ground, the sound is pleasant, less vibration and the thrust is there with about 30% gain.
In flight, it is fluid and pleasant, the gain is about 5 km/h. to be checked after further tests.
The assembly and setting instructions are well written. no particular worries, you just have to be meticulous on the setting.
The take-off thrust is impressive. and according to colleagues on the ground, the sound is much more pleasant. so less nuisance for local residents.
In conclusion that happiness.

Another E-Props in Senegal ! A pure delight !!!
D.J. (2017-03-15)

I started the tests today: amazing, fabulous!
I have to keep going before I can give you a feedback, + format my notes. so next week
but already, it's on: happy customer!
H.C. (2013-11-27)

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