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ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 912S gear ratio 2.43
ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 912S gear ratio 2.43
ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 914 gear ratio 2.43
ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 914 gear ratio 2.43
ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 915iS gear ratio 2.54
ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 915iS gear ratio 2.54
ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 916iS gear ratio 2.54
ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE Rotax 916iS gear ratio 2.54

ELA ELA10 ECLIPSE : gyrocopter with closed cockpit in tandem configuration with state-of-the-art design, finish and full standard equipment. Approved with E-Props propellers in France, Spain, Germany and Switzerland.

E-Props Users Feedback on the ELA10 ECLIPSE :

Got a chance to fly the new prop today and all I can say is WOW! So sm-oooooo-th!
The first flight with the recommended 25 degrees pitch only yielded 5000 rpm for takeoff at full 115% power on my Rotax 914 powered ELA Eclipse-10. I landed and readjusted pitch to 22 degrees and now get 5600 at takeoff and 5550 at 100% power at 2500 MSL. After flying for an hour, I think I am going to readjust to 22.5 degrees which I think will be perfect but flies excellent at the current setting..
The prop is so smooth and also has great takeoff thrust. It has made the gyro actually feel smoother in flight as well, it even seems to have reduced my cyclic shake!
Very pleased and thanks again for the great service!
J.W. (2024-05-08)

With E-Props, take off short and quiet, with an excellent cruising speed.
Here Excalibur-4 (3.5 kg all-inclusive): the best propeller for auotogyros with Rotax 914.
Video here => E-PROPS EXCALIBUR-4 on Gyro ELA 10 Eclipse

The perfect compromise for my Eclipse, even better than the 6-blade I had before: more takeoff thrust and same cruise speed. The titanium shielding of the blade edges is magnificent. I am very satisfied.
M-A.R. (2020-12-29)

We fly the 5 Blades with Titanium protection on our ELA-10. It's a great product & has to be flown to be understood, the noise reduction & overly increased comfort due to the smooth character in flight performance makes for a wonderful flight experience. Great product - Highly Recommended.
G.D. (2020-10-04)

Bravo for your Service Bulletins which are very detailed and very didactic. Thank you for your safety first approach.
Your predictions were, alas, well-founded.
The installation of the Excalibur 6 propeller on my ELA Eclipse gyrocopter does not conform to your recommendations. The bolts are quality 8.8 instead of 10.9.
The washers are "brake" type instead of your special washers. There is no grey fibre plate. I never had the adjustment tool nor the propeller assembly manual.
As agreed in our phone conversation, I am sending you the propeller for expertise.
I would like to say that I admire your transparent handling of this situation. I have full confidence in your propellers and in your company.
H.M. (2020-01-29)

The best propeller for my ELA.
I used to have a 3-blade helix. The difference is significant.
A great experience because I didn't think that propellers could be that different.
I'm keeping this 6 blade.
J.P. (2019-09-14)

I've been using this propeller for 3 years and 450 hours, on 2 different Eclipse without any problem and I know a lot of pilots who are totally satisfied with it.
I have no interest in E-Props, I share my experience.
I think that this propeller should be installed by a professional and have read the installation manual which like any manual must be respected.
The adjustment and tightening were done with the adjustment tool and the studs provided by E-Props and a torque wrench respecting the tightening torque of E-Props.
This year I have made several raids for a total of nearly 8,000 km at a speed of 150 kms / h without vibration and without having to tighten the propeller during my tightening checks.
With this 6-blade E-Props propeller, my Eclipse made flights of more than 500 kms between 150 and 160 kms on average with, a regular maintenance, Mécarun C 99 in gasoline and an Averso rotor 8,70 m well adjusted and by remaining on average 25 liters of reserve in the tank, the propeller has thus its share in these performances.
This gyrocopter is to my knowledge equipped as it is, the fastest in the world over 500 to 600 kms without refueling.
Here is my experience.
G.F. (2019-07-15)

Thanks for your outstanding work to improve the state of the art in propellers!
V.K. (2019-05-27)

Thanks a lot, all is OK
I have noticed a real noise reduction. The efficiency is better than with a 3blade (this was expected) especially at take-off.
Ni vibrations. The prop is very light (3 kg only: AMAZING).
Impressive customer support (Huge thanks for the goodies: the bag is appreciated).
T.M. (2019-03-28)

I would like to congratulate and thank you. Your website tells the truth, it is modern and perfect. And you've given me a very warm welcome.
After fine-tuning the blades and a few test flights, I am enthusiastic:
- as expected, 21 degrees pitch, 5000 rpm at take-off, 5500 rpm at 130 km/h...
- significantly shorter take-off time due to impressive acceleration
- steady climb rate at 110 km/h: 7 m/s!!! (altitude 500 m.)
- 165 k/h very easy
- much less vibration
Once again, bravo, and thank you!
Friendly greetings
D.H. (2017-11-17)

Greetings. I have changed the 3-blade HELIX with your 6-blade EXCALIBUR prop.
Amazing results! More thrust, speed has increased, and no vibrations yet.
I really like this prop. It has changed my gyro.
Congratulations to all you guys and go on with such innovations!
H.L. (2017-06-16)

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