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E-PROPS V20 adapters

The standard drilling for E-Props V20 range propellers for gear-drive engines is 6M8d101.6 L13, i.e. 6 holes of 8 mm on a 101.6 mm diameter circle with 13 mm counterbores.
The interface piece which is mounted on the gearbox flange (called ESU at E-Props) has centering drive lugs on this hole. These drive lugs are integrated in the carbon part.

E-PROPS flasque moteur
Rotax 912 engine flange

E-Props propellers for gear-drive engines: ESU interface part

The ESU V20 range has no other drillings (only the 6M8d75 drilling is to come, see below).
For other configurations, it is therefore necessary to put an adapter between the ESU and the gearbox flange.

E-Props offers drilling adapters for the following assemblies :
✗  Pulley mounting adapter (ADU-1)
✗  Drilling 6M8d100 adapter, Rotax 582 red C&E engines (ADU-3)
✗  Drilling 6M8d75 adapter, Rotax 582 red B engines (ADU-5)
✗  Drilling 6M8d101.6 L12 adapter, Rotax 912 engines old version (ADU-4)

These adapters are offered as an option for each propeller, as well as separately in the "Accessories" menu of this website.
In case of doubt, do not hesitate to order a mounting adapter: if you do not need it when you finally mount your propeller on your engine, you can send it back to us and we will refund you the amount of this adapter.

Some additional technical explanations below :
1 - Adapters for assemblies on pulley (gyrocopters)
2 - Adapters for Rotax 582 engines

1- Adapters for assemblies on pulley (gyrocopters)

Many gyrocopters have a pre-launcher pulley between the gearbox flange and the propeller.
E-Props offers an adapter to mount the E-Props V20 range propeller models on this type of system.

E-PROPS adapter
assembly on gyrocopter pre-launcher pulley: ADU-1 adapter

E-PROPS adapter      E-PROPS adapter

Without this adapter, the assembly of an E-Props V20 range propeller is not possible on an autogyro pre-launcher pulley.
If your gyro has a different mounting, like for example the Autogyro Cavalon, then this adapter is not necessary.

2- Adapters for Rotax 582 engines

Rotax 582 2-stroke engines are equipped with 2 types of gearboxes:
✗  B gearbox : reducer ratio => 2.00 / 2.24 / 2.58
✗  C & E gearboxes : reducer ratio => 2.62 / 3.00 / 3.47 / 4.00

These 2 types of gearboxes do not have the same flange with the same drilling patterns.
-   Gearbox B (2.00 / 2.24 / 2.58) only has 6M8d75 drilling.
-   Gearboxes C and E (2.62 / 3.00 / 3.47 / 4.00) have 6M8d75 drilling and 6M8d100 drilling.

Here are the drilling diagrams of the 582 engines (documents from the Rotax manual) : :

E-PROPS Rotax 582 red B

E-PROPS Rotax 582 red CE

E-Props assembly on 6M8d75 drilling

Currently, for this drilling, E-Props offers an ADU-5 adapter, but this one is heavy. E-Props will offer a dedicated ESU interface piece in the near future. There will be no more need for an adapter.
=> The machine that makes these dedicated ESU is under development. The ESUs with the 6M8d75 hole will be available by summer 2021.


Adapter delivered with an internal clamping plate inside the hub, specific for this drilling / E-Props ref: PSU-5
- if the holes of the gearbox flange are threaded : 6 screws TH quality 10.9 M8x50/50
- if the holes of the gearbox flange are smooth : 6 screws TH quality 10.9 M8x60/22
- 6 nuts Nylstop M8 quality 10.9
- 6 lock washers (Heico)

E-Props assembly on 6M8d100 drilling

For this drilling, E-Props offers a two-piece adapter made of black anodized 7075 aluminum: ADU-3 and PSU-3. The counter plate PSU-3 replaces the standard hub clamping counter plate PSU-1 of the 6M8d101.6 L13 drilling.

E-PROPS Rotax 582 red CE
E-Props drilling adapter system : 6M8d100

The drawings of these parts are here :


These 2 counter plates are delivered with :
- 6 TH screws quality 10.9 M8x30/22 (M8 screw length 30 mm threaded on 22 mm)
- 6 nuts Nylstop M8 quality 10.9

=> It is highly recommended to order the ADU-3 adapter at the same time as the propeller, because the ESU has a special hole for this adapter that is drilled by our numerically controlled milling machines. A later drilling would be less accurate.

Important :
Many Rotax 582 engine reducers do not have the reduction ratio indicated on their gearboxes.

It is important to know the reduction ratio of your Rotax 582 engine before ordering an E-Props propeller, as they are designed for a defined power and rotation speed. Using another propeller model would not give the best performance.

To measure the reducer ratio of your Rotax 582, it's easy :
- make sure that the engine contact is turned off
- remove a spark plug
- mark a blade to recognize it by counting the revolutions
- turn the propeller by hand
- count how many times the piston reaches the high point in 10 turns of the propeller :
  * 26 time : reducer 2.62
  * 30 time : reducer 3
  * 35 time : reducer 3.47
  * 40 time : reducer 4

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